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134 On the Excellency of Chri fl. fuffer.as a particular man , but wee are to look upon Jefus Chrill in all the work of his humiliation as a common Per - fon, and fo all the elegy from the beginning of the world to the end are looked upon by God the Father as fuffering in him, as dying in him, as being made a curie in him ; as the fire Adam was a common perfon , and God looked upon all mankinde as dead in him , in Adam fo the fecond Adam was a common Perfon, and in his death all the elect are l ooked upon as dying , and fo as fatisfying Gods wrath for their fins in their own perfon, but vertually in him as in a head. And in this Chri(} was wonderful in his humilia- tion , and indeed we do not underf}and Chrins humilia- tion aright, except wee undert }and it thus. Wee fome- times fpeak of the great fufferings of Chrin, and fo far wee undert }and perhaps that this was for us , that hee dyed for us, but wee do not underhand that wee dyed in him,and that hee was a common Perfon, and all the elegy were look- ed upon as in him,as fuffering in him , and fatisfying Gods wrath in him , why thus wee are to exercife our faith upon Chri1 }s humiliation ; and indeed this is the myhery of the humiliation of Jefus Chrih. r 3 And further Chrift was wonderful in his humilia- tion in this , that by fuch a way bee enters into his glory; that when God intended the greaten height of glory to a creature that ever was, or ever should bee , that yet hee would have fuch a way to lead unto it , as that Chrift foould firft bee brought into fuch a low condition, to bee a worm, and no man, to bee fo accufed, to bee made a fcorn of men , to bee indeed 'in the lower elate that is almoft polfible to conceive a creature here to bee in , and yet that God should intend this to bee the way to the higheh de- gree of glory that is pal-161e for a creature to attain unto, here was the wonderful counfel of God , the wonderful work of God ; now you know that fo it was in Chrift , the Scripture faith , Ought hee not to freer thefe things, ova fo to enter into his glory ? God rnanifehed in him what way hee would have to bring us unto glory, that is by the way of Puffer. 'Chri& by fuf- iferin" emus into glory.