Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

On the Excellency of Chrifl. rufferink,by the way of 4f, fliftionr;by the way of trossble, to pave the way to glory by fuch kinde of pavement as this, this was the wonderful work of God. 14 And in this further, here was the moil wonderful In Chrifts fnf- Argument of Gods hatred to fm that polibly can be imagined, feri)ng appets and wonderfullefl pattern & example of feif- denial that ever f fin., was in the world,Chrifl was wonderful in this,in that in him o fn. there was held out the moil wonderful Argument of God; hatred of fn , as if God would fay I will fer mine infinite wifdome on work to ande out an Argument to ma nife& my hatred to fin ; there could not have been a greater , an in- finite wifdome could not have found a greater manifefta- tion of the hatred of fin. And then hee was in his humiliation , I fay the pattern in ruf of the grearefl felf - denial that ever was or ever can bee, ferina a pat- G©d holds forth his own Son to bee the pattern of felf- tern of feif- denial to all the world the Lord fees how wee are alto- denial. gether for our felves how hard it is for us to deny our felves ; Well, faith God , I will not onely require of you thae you fnail deny your felves for mee as your ditty , and bound as creatures to do it to your Creator but I will . fend into the World fuch a pattern of felf- denial , as it is impoble for men or Angels to imagine a more wonder- ful pattern of felf - denial, My Son, that is equal with my fell, to come in the form of a fervant , although hee had right to all things, bee fhall empty, and deny himfelf to the extremity of all kinde of mifery. And then that that makes up all the wonder is this , that Chri4} fu ,red all this !hould bee done for us for fuch poor worms , for for us. fuch vile bate creature; as wee are ; why might not men and Angels have thought thus? why Lord, had it not been better for ten thoufand thoufand , and hundreds of thou - fands , and millions of fuch creatures to have perished to all eternity , than that thy Son fhould bee brought fo low, to fuller fo as bee did ? But no, faith God, I will manifefl a great wonder in the world in this , that all this shall bee done and fuffered for poor worm; (men) in whofe eternal F35 de-