Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

136 on the Excellency of Chrift. deftru&&ion I might have glorified my felf for ever ; though it is true , I could as well have honoured my fe f in their ruine and deflru ,lion , as I did in the eternal defltuaion of the Angels that finned againfl mee , yet I will thew forth a wonderful work , that men and Angels Iball wonder at to all eternity , that fuch and fuch things thatl bee done ?rnd fuffered to fave them, fo unworthy, fo vile ; thus Chrifl is wonderful in his humiliation And thefe things have been but briefly prefented to you , that fo I might give you a general view of the myflery of godlinefs that there is in the humiliation of Jefus Chrift. C brig Wonderful in his Conquefl. But now it follows further , that Chrill likewife is won- derful in his Conquefl , bee is the moil glorious and won- derful Conquerour that ever was in the world. For firft; What did bee conquer? What doth bee tri- umph over ? What ? hee bath conquered even Divine Juflice it felf, as I may fo fpeak; the Law, Gods wrath and ruftice came even fighting as it were againil Jefus Chrift, and Chrift encounters with them , yea bee encounters with the Devil, and with Hell, and with Death ; all thefe are enemies that Jefus Chrift encounters withal!. And cer- tainly had any one but feen Chrifl go into the Lifts to en- counter with thefe Combatants , bee could not but have flood amazed at it , Oh what will become of this Cham- pion that is entred into fuch a combate as this is ! But flay but a little, and you shall fee him leading Captivity Captive, you í1a11 fee him Triumphing over all,you thall fee him con- quering and faying, I have the Keyes of Hell, I that was dead, am rifen, and have the Keyes of Hell and Death , you Iba!! fee him Triumphing over Wrath and Juflice, and the Law, and the Devils , you fl- all fee him fetching all that hee came for out of the hand of the Devil, yea here is the wonder of the Conquell, never was there a man that did conquer death but onely Jefus Chriil that had power rov r