Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

On the Excellency of Chri ft, 137 Death : All other Conquerors they may conquer men , and kill them, but they cannot conquer Death it Pelf ; now Je- fus Chrifts Conqueft was over Death its felt, to have the very keyes of Death, and that follows , Death and Heft. And further, which makes the wonder of his Conqueft, hee doth conquer death by dying, that is the wonder of ir. What man conquers his enemy by being (lain himfelf ? Jefus Chrift did fo, hee conquers all his enemies that came againft him, hee conquers them by dying, and therefore in Col.2.it is fpoken of Chrifts coming to dye upon the Crofs : And havingfpoyled Principalities and Powers , hee made a fhew of them openly, Triumphing over them in it. When Chrift was brought upon the Crofs , one would think hee had been triumphed over himfelf then, for hee was brought very low indeed when hee was brought there to hang be- tween two Malefallors, as if he had been the gre area Male- . fader of all now one would -have thought that Devils and wicked men,and Death,and all had triumphed over him; but. mark,the. Text faith,That he did there fpoyl i rincipalities and Powers, and made aPhew of them openly , Triumphing over , them in it. Wee can imagine fomewhat of Chrifts Triumph now in heaven fitting at the right hand of the Father, when hee afcended into heaven, there hee Triumphed ; but to imagine a triumph of Chrift in his Crofs , when his ene- mies were fcorning and contemning him , that then hee should fpoyl Principalities and Powers and upon the Crofs Triumph over them , this is agreat myflery of godli- nefs , and herein is the wonder of Chrifts Conqueft, of Chrifts Triumph. And then further , the wonder of the Triumph of Chrift confifts in this That hee bath not onely vanquiffìed all the enemies of his people, but hee bath yanqui fhed them by his own power Conquerours have ufe of the ftrength of others, but Chrift had f}rength enough of his own without any ad- `di-tion, and hee did not onely quell the Adverfary, but bee turns all- into good to his people : It is one thing for a T Con-