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On the Excellency of Chrifl. if you compare that place Suffifled in the Spirit with that in t Pet. 3.18. Put to death in the fle(h , but quickned by the Spirit , that is by the power of his God-head hee was quickned, uponh is Relurreelion; now that that one Apòflle faith ( quicknned) another faith (jufii fled) to fhew that when hee was quickned , that is rote again by the power of his Deity , then both hee, and all the eledt ones flood jail in the pretence of God , acquitted of all their fins , and this is the myftery of gedlinefs. There is abundance in every one of there , but it is not my purpofe to handle the Refurré&ion of Chrift , or his Attention, but meerly to give you a little gli[npfe of the myftery of godlinefs that there is therein , that you may underftand him aright , fo as you may bee able to exercife your faith upon him , not onely Dying and Humbled , but Conquering and Rifing. Chriff Wonderful in his Afcention. And for the Afcention of Chrift into heaven the manner of it was wonderful. There comes a cloud and carries him up, and the Difciples Bands gazing; it was a wonder to bee gazed at , the Afcention of Jefus Chrifl, body and foul into heaven,in that glorious way. But efpecially if wee confider that Chrif} afcended wife as our head , afcended into heaven as the High Prieft went into the Holy of Holies : And it is faid,that wee are fet together in heavenly places together with Chriff, fo you have it in Eph.z.6. And hath rata us up together, and made ie It together in heavenly places in rhrig J,efus : For Chrif+ went as in our names to take pofieflìon of heaven , this is t(e myftery of gqodlinefs in Chrifis Afcention Hee went up to .leaven , but bee went in the name of the Elea to take pofteflion, as a man thathath bought houfè and lands, may have one appointed by him to go in his name to take pofle,fìon of the houle and land,Jefus Chrif} in the name of all the elea from the.beginning of the world to the end,went: up 143