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1.44 Ois the _Excellency of Chrift. up unto heaven to take poffawn there, and on purpofe to prepare Maniions for them againft their coming : Thus wonderful was Chrift in his Afcention. Chrift fitting at the right hand of the Father. And in heaven Chrift firs at rife right hand of the Father; thereby declaring that God the Father was well pleafed with all that hee hath done , becaufe hee fees him at, his righe hand; after Chrift had made an end of all his work,kee rs faid to fit down, in Hebb. Io. 12. This man after hee had of ered one facri face for fins for ever , fate doapn on the right. kind of God.; hee had done his work, andodthe Father approves ofhim,and fo honors him in letting him at his right hand, and there gives unto him all power to rule together with himfelf, as you heard in his Kingly Office., and there bee is to make l iterceffion continually for his Elea , and hath that weight of glory put upon him that is pofhible for humane nature to have put upon him , that is the meaning of fitting at the right hand of God ; thefe four things are meant by it. Firft, When hee came to heaven, God the Father, that hee might acknowledge that his Son had fully done the work that hee was fens into the world about , hee Both ho- nour him by letting him at his right hand. Secondly Hee gives unto him all Authority and Power fi4atth 2.8. 18. to Reign together with himfelf. Thirdly , There hee is as the High Prieft to make Inter - ceffon for his Saints, to bee their Advocate continually at the' right hand of the Father to make Intercetfion for Heb.q.zs.. them. And then fo arthly , It is to lignifie that Chrift hath the bigheft decree of glory, that it is poffible for humane nature to bee capable of ; Therefore you mull not underftand the right hand of God in a corporeal way, , as if God had right hand or left , but fitting fo in thofe four ref-peas as I have 'named : And all thefe make Chtifi a wonderful Re- deemer,