Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

On the Excellency of Chrift. 145 deemer, hee that (hall come up to God the Father in Heaven, and to have God_ own his being fully pleafed with what hee did upon the Earth, and there letting him upon his own Throne, to reign with him, and there to bee for ever to make intercedion for the Saints, and to have the height of all glory to bee bellowed upon him; Certainly this is a wonderful Redeemer. Chrifír wonderful in his coming to 3.údgemsnt. And then Chrifi (hall in a wonderful manner come to judge the world again, then hee (hall come to bee admired in- deed; fo you h ave it in x Thef. i . i o. when hee (hall come s Thef r. to. to bee glorified in his Saints and to bee admired in all them that beleeve : Thofe'that do beleeve in Chrifl, they fee him to bee wonderful; now they do admire at him ; but when bee (Mall come again in glory at the great day, then hee ¡hall appear fo wonderful, as they (hall all Band admiring, and laying, Well wee indeed heard that our bleffed Savi- our was the wonder of the world, and wee law fo much as made us admire at his glory; but wee never thought that wee had had fuch a glorious Saviour, as now wee fee wee 'have; wonderful and glorious is jefus Chrifi now, but when bee (hall come with his thoufand thoufands of Angels, and when there (hall bee fuch a wonderful change in the world, the Elements melt with fervent het, and the Heavens depart lil`e afcroxl, and the Heavens and Earth fhaken, and all the. Princes and Monarks in the world, and all the children of men appearing before him : Oh wonderful then (hall hee bee in his attendance, and then in his own perfon. Wonderful (hall hee bee then in the manner of his pro- ceedings, in bringing forth all the books of Gods forbea- rance, and the books of mens confcience, and the book of the word to proceed with men and Angels for their eternal eitate, in this Chri(i will appear then to bee wonderful Thus Chrifi is wonderful in his humiliation, and in his ex- altat.ion But £wither) a word or two more. V Chr4