Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

140 os the Excellency of Chri fl. ;a. Chrifi roonderfal in his working towards his Saints, and in the high efteem that the Si:i; is have of him. Great and marvellous are thy works, O Lord God Almighty, 'who would not fear thee, O thou King of Saints ? The great things that Chrift doth in the world towards his Churches, are wonderful, and the great efeem his Saints have of him, they account all things as dung and drofs for the excel- lency of the knowledge of Jefus Chrift. And hee (hall bee wonderful eternally hereafter in the. higheft Heavens, and there bee will bee the matter of the wonder of all the Angels and Saints ; and the matter of the admiration, and the praifes that God (hall have to all e- ternity, it íhall bee from what the Angels and Saints do fee in Jefus Chrift; therefore Purely bee will bee wonder- ful in Heaven. And then wonderful, when the underftandings of the Saints DIAL bee elevated to the higheftf pitch that they are capable of fometimes wee do wonder at things, becaufe of our ignorance; ignorant people will wonder almoft at any thing; at the works of Arts and Sciences, they wonder, becaufe they know but little, but now that, that the moll underftandingrnan in, the world ihali wonder at, certainly it bath Tome great excellency in it : Now Chrift íhall not bee the wonder of the. Saints onely while they are here in in this world, but when they (hall bee in Heaven, and have their ur,derflandings enlightened and enlarged to the height that poely they can bee ¢nlargedto, and yet, even then'. Chrift fball bee their wonder and they ftiall wonder at Chrift more than they do now abundantly : Certainly that loath real excellency an it indeed, and great excellency that the more u-nderflanding a man is, the more bee (hall admire at : perhaps poor people they may wonder at fume men for their parts, yet if they had any great tinder- handing themfelves, they would fee fuch a mans parts had little in them; but if a man had fuch parts, that the ma