Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

On the Excellency of Cbrif}, 15 3 then ir. follows , Beware therefore left that come upon you, which is ffokeu of in the Prophets,Behold ye defpifers,-and wonder, and perilñ; as if bee itould fay, you hear the Gofpel about the glorious way that God hath to reconcile fiuners to himfelf, to'juftifie (inners, but in the mean time your hearts do clofe with your own Conceits , and your own wales, with the Law of Mofes and think by your own go id meanings, and your own good works, that you (hall do well enough, and (hall hand before God; but faith the Apoftle, Bev are left that come upon you which is fpo- ken of in the Prophets, Behold yee defpifers, and wonder: you perhaps, when you hear fuch things declared unto you, you account it ftrange doctrine, and you Rand and wonder what the meaning of thofe things fhould bee ; but as you wonder, fo you do defpife; you condemn it as a ftrange thing that you were not wont to hear heretofore, and as a thing you cannot underhand the reafon of; this is the ufu- al guize of carnal hearts, when they hear any doctrine , though there bee never fo much of God in it, and of the Myftery of the Gofpe! that is revealed in it, yet if they underhand not the reafon of it, if it appear to them as a new thing, they wonder indeed, but they defpife with- al!, and condemn it, and flight it, and pals it over , as they did St. Pawls Do;rine, what will this bailer fay ? bee brings us news of a ftrange God, and the like : fo thefe are things that people are not acquainted withal!, and fo they caft them off, and defpife but mark, faith the Text , Take heed, beware left this come upon you, that you ílíá1l behold and wonder, and defpife and periíh too, for-,. I work a work in your dàlei, a"werk, which' you shall in nò wife beleeve, though a Min declare it unto you : these (hall beethe great CounfelsofGod revealed in your dales, and in your Congregations, there (hall 'bee revealed thole Counfels of God, .whereby God intends to fave many fouls; and hire and there God will mike known thefe things to- fave poor fouls, but you in the mean time being conceited of your own únderítancdings, or Your own Civil Righteoufnels, X that