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i.s4 on she Excellency of Chrift. that you are notfo bad as others, and that you are in a good cafe, and in a good condition all this while, and upon a conceit, you hear, and wonder, and defpife, but you íhall perish, and (hall never come to beleeve thofe great . things that God in your daies shall reveal for the falvation of the fouls of others; and this is a moil dreadful curie that is upon . the hearts of many men and women that hear the great- things of the Gofpel ; as it is faid in the fecond of the 40,f, that they fpake the wonderful things of Cod, and yet there was forne that did but mock; this is the condition of fome, that their fpirits fecredy defpife and conternn thole things that they fhould adore ; fuch things as upon the hearing they should even -fall down upon their faces and adore, God in the beholding of them, and yet I fay, fIighti rr of them,and telling to their own waies,and conceits, here is the curie of God upon their hearts, that though they heat them, yet theyfhall-not beleeve them,. I work a work iu your daies, a work that you (hall in no wife beleeve, though a:man declare it unte you, faith the Holy (loft, this Scrip- ture is very Much fulfilled to Congregations where the Gof- pet collies to bee preached. Thirdly, But further, ¡la die third place t If .Jefus Chrift bee fo great a wonder, certainly then the mitery of man- kind is very great, it follows from hence; it there bee fuch need of fo, wonderful -a Redeemer, Oh the dreadful, breach that fin both made between God and than, that required fud a wonderful, work of God to make it up I _ this is that that God would have . you have a right underf#anding of,, and have feriot s thoughts about it; God would i t have f nful wretched man to thinkthe breach: t tween God and him is a light matter , a little Ong :. No., when the Lord oath feat his. Son into 41ae world, and huh declared him to bee thus wonderful : when the. Lord (hews tivhar a wonder- ful glorious, work of his there is üa bi Son for the favïng, of .mankind, hee thereby Both declare :unto you and would . have yotttl;nowit. that the, breach. that, your tin bath made be&wegi C1ód ;ad your arm fault ìa. z , a wonderful breach.