Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

oli-the Excellency of Chrifi. Ifs breach certainly were the Mifery of than no other but fuch as the power of Atigels,as the power of any weer crea- titre could help out of, jells Chrift had never come into the world, there had never been fuch a wonderful `work of God to redeem man; But now when you hear that the way of God to redeem marl is fo-wonderful, you havé caufe to lay your hands upon your hearts, and fay , Oh the depth of mifery that my foul is fallen into ! Oh the defperate difeafe of mÿ foul, that mull have fuch a wonderful cure ! Oh that ever the great and infinite God; fhould work fo wonderfully for the falvarion of fuch a poor wretched crea- tureas finful man is! My Brethren wee do not fan; ifie the Name of God in the great thing that God would bee fan&ifiied in, except wee have right apprehenfions of the dreadful breach our fin bath made between the Lord and our own fouls, that fo wee might have right apprehenfions of this wonderful work that God hash done for the falva- tion of man-kind; this is the reafon why God fo many times doth bring finful creatures into fo great ftraights , in- to the very gulf of defpair oftentimes before hee reveals the faving knowledge of jefus Chrift unto them : It is, I fay, becaufe the Lord would have his name fan&ified' in this wonderful work of redemption by Jefus Chrift, that the fin - ner might bee prepared to (farad and admire at the wonder- ful glory of God in Jefus Chrift ; And there is nothing in the world that God looks fo much for as this,to be fan6tified in thefe wonderful things that hee hath done for man-kind in Chriff; and if wee have but flight thoughts of the breach that our fin bath made, certainly wee cannot but have flight thoughts likewife of the work that God hath done to deliver us from our fin : Thou thinkeft thy fin to bee a light matter, but know, that when thou haft finned a- gainft God, there muff bee the molt wonderful work of God to reconcile thee tohimfelf, that ever God did from all eternity, or will do to all eternity; this is the greateft wonder, his fending of Jefus Chriff into the world; know therefore the depth of thy mifery by this ; if God íhould X z have