Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

156 On the Excellency of Chrifl, have devifed as it were from all eternity how to have nma nifefted the wonderful mifery of man-kind , no greater could bee found than this wonderful work of his in the re- demption of man -kind. This is a third. And then Fourthly, Is Jefus Chrift the great wonder of the world ? hence then all Beleevers have exceeding caufe ofrejoycing in the hearing of what Chrift is , what a won- derful Saviour they have , Let the children of Zion rejoyce irn their King: Re;oyce in this ,. Firlt, That God bath fo honoured you, as that bee hath wrought fo wonderfully for your falvation; certainly, as thy redemption is, fo art thou; that is, there is force refleAion ofthegloryof thy Redeemer upon thee; how hath God honoured thee before his Angels? and how honourable (halt thou bee hereafter, when it fhall appear to all the world, that the Infinite God did fo glorioufly work for the faving of thy foul ? God looks upon all the Kings of the Earth as worms , Tea all the Nations of the earth u the drop of the bucket, and the dull of the batlance,asnothing, lefs than no thing': You fee how meanlyGod values-all the Nations of the Earth : But when hee freaks of his Són, that is thy Re- deemer , His Name fhail bee called wonderful, faith hee hee is wonderful in the eyes of-God the Father; thou that haft fuck a wonderful "Redeemer as this is, certainly thy. condition' mutt needs bee cotnfdrtablë. But Secondly , The main comfort t;iat Beleevers may have from this glory of Chrift, as Bath been opened to you, is this, that hereby theymay fee. Jefus Chrift as a full ob jeep for their fouls to reft upon , whatever their ,condition bee; thou haft an Alt-.fufficient'Saviour, thoit,haft an ob jëca that thou inayePc venture thy feuL, thy eternal eftate . upon', for bee is a wonderful Redeemer; conceive thy mi- fery to the uttermo* that poflìbly can bee, fuppofe thou . f eft the guilt of all thy finsbefore thee, and,apprehendeft thy foul bound over eo eternal death Mr thy fin; fuppofe thou feeftthe juftice of God coming out againft thee, to require fatisfaaion for thy fin; the curfe of the Law, that likewife brings;