Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

Ö ¡he excil1ezcy of .Chrif%. brings thee under it, and thou feeft the bouometefs pit even ready open for, thee, and the horrible vile iniquities that thou haft been guilty of, prefenting'themfelves unto thee with, all the aggravations of therm; fuppofe all this,And thou ftandeft now beforethe great God, ready to receive the fentence of thy eternal eflate. Now thefe things may make thy heart to (hake , and indeed they will where they are teen really ; But in the midfl of fuck a fight, if -God do but give thee a fight of thy Redeemer that is fo won - derful,here is enough to draw forth Faith , yea to he- get Faith in the foul; let this bee but prefented, w!hatfoe- ver thy mifery :bee, yet know, here is a wonderful Re- deemer; who cannot onely cure ordinary difeafes, and de- liver in ordinary troubles, but-can- wonderfully deliver, and no cure can bee. too hard for him ; Oh therefore thou troubled foul ! that dolt apprehend the'evil of thy fin, and the dreadful danger that thou art in : Oh that thou could eft but fee this wonderful Redeemer before thee ! thou wouldeft fee him to bee an :objet. -for the molt vile wretchedelt finner that ever lived upon the face óf the earth to reft upon ; And becaufe God 'the Father accounts. wonderfully of his Son; therefore it is that hee would not have us onely to beleeve in his Son in ordinary cafes, but in extiraordinary,cafes; you that are beleevers, and hope you have any part in Chrill, know, that God expeCIs that you fhould fan&ifie. his Son as a wonderful Redeemer ; now, if you can onely beleeve.in Chrift in an ordinary way, when your condition is ordinary, and your lira ights not ve- ry great, this is not to fanaifie Chriil as a wonderful Saw.- oar. Nov let this bee but laid. co thy heart when temp- tations are ftrong,, and when thy' heart is ready to fink in any extremity. ; It may bee temptation cornes and tells thee thy condition is extraordinary, who was ever fo left of God as thou arc, then do but lay thefe truths upon thy heart, that have been revealed in the opening of the v oia- derfulnefs of Chrifti and even fay thus to thy foul , Luc oh my foal ! thou haft heretofore beleeve.{ in God X 3 but: 15?