Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

---. . . .y--.----`-- --' _--- I.5 r on the Excelterasy of Chrift. but 'haft thou fanetified the Dame of Chrift, as wordarful? halt thou beleeved in Jefus Chrift, as in .him whole Nance by God híntfelf is called wonderful ? Thou hafl,. thou thinkeft, beleeved in him as a Saviour, as .a Redeemer , but had thou beleeved in him as thus wonderful in his Natures, in his Perlon , in his Offices , in his endowments , and in all the great things that bee bath done, in the glory ofthe Father that fhines in him? hall, thou fanclified his Name . in all thofe particulars Wherein Chrift bath been naaade . known ro bee wonderful ?- certainly Beleevers -do not fan- etifie this Name of Chrift, except there bee fome kinde of proportion between their Faith ,. and all thefe .glorious, things that are reve.3led of. Jefus Chrift c It is bee that is a full obiza for thy foul to reft upon in all ftraighrs . whatfoe4 ver, when the men of the world !hall bee at theirmirs end they having their ordinary help fail them, : yet thou that art a Beleever, and knoweit what Jefus Chrift is, and the glo- ry of God that appears in him, thou needeft not bee at thy wits end , for thou haft him whofe Name is wonderful, to be the objèet of thy Faith. Thirdly , The confolationto Beleevers from this title of Chrift, is in this; That certainly, if there bee fuch a wonder- ful Redeemer, that God himfelf Both glory fo much in , and account him fo wonderful, then it mull needs follow, that God loth intend züonderful things for the Saints ; no wife man that hath abilities, will in a wonderful manner buhe himfelf about a trifle.: certainly if the Lord doth thus work for man-kind in°his Son, if the Lord provide fuch a wonderful Saviour for the children of men, wee may fully conclude, that God bath wonderful thoughts to do great things for man- kind; the thoughts of God for the good of man -kind are very great, and very glorious, they are Tome high things, fome glorious things that God doth aim at for man-kind. Oh raife up therefore your thoughts ! let all that are but men raife up their thoughts, and think, furely there is force great happinefs for the children of men; God Áathrevealed icfrom Heaven, when bee hath .cold us that there