Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

On the Excellency e f ehrift. 1 9 there is fuch a wonderful Redeemer come into the Earth : But Oh you Beleevers r do you in a fpecial ..manner raise up your hearts , and expect glorious. things ? . and though you have but little from God for the prefent, yet con .lude, that God bath wonderful thoughts about you that are the members of Jefus Chrifl ; and there muff come a time, that there muff bee wonderful things bellowed up- on you , or othervvife God fhould lofe the honour of all the wonderful things hee haxh': done, .in: C.hriff, and that hee will never do : God will at length bring every ho- leever to fuch a, height of glory, as before .Ìvien and An- gels it null bee declared by the glory of your fouls, that Jefus Chrift was a wonderful Redeemer.; fuch glory thou mayefl have, wee cannot tell the particulars:; if wee fhouíd go to (pen the happinett:of' the Saints., what it fhoutd bee in Leaven., wee should quickly bee fwa1.- lowed up; but one would think that this one thing ( hould bee enough to fill the heart of the Beleever with joy, : I (hall have fo much happinals from. God one day, as mull' declare before Mati and .Angels; that jefus Çhrrßr was 3 rPònderfrdd Saviour , -fucli glory as God hitmfeif will glory in. Oh look here ! look upon this poor wretch, that a white. was fuch a vile wicked creature and a chitde of,= rrath, and of perdition in its Pelf T and look no.v what i ar of glory this foul is raifed up to, andnowOve your xeili- mony whether my Son bee not a wonderful Redeemer this will bee the condition of every poor beleever that lives, and comfort your fe.lves..in:exercifn your.:Faith rn this, What. ever l am now for the,prefenr, Though but a lump of clay and filth, yet I being a Beleever, Chia be- ing mine, my condition mull' . bee., fuch òtß. day as God the Father. -\Iva fay before mere and -Angels-., behold the wonderfulnefs: of qty Son, in what I'lravi dory for this foul and-that may bee enough to fatisfte:the foul for the prefent 7 that Goa á, ill, Rim hitrafelf wonderful in thy good i.