Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

lbo á 0n the ,Exceliency of Ghrljt. ,good, and thy falvation; fo that it may bee laid of every particular bele ver, rhyefiate íhall bee Such one day, as if there were no other laved iia.allthe world but thy Leif, let jefus Chrift will manifeahimfelf wonderful in thy fal- vation ; for indeed that is that that hee aims at,to bee won- derfulin the falvation. of his Saints, in bringing them un- to glory, and that is the comfort of all Beleevers from this title of Chril1 being wonderful. But now then asthy comforts art great ifrom this 'title , fo thy -ditties thoild be fome way proportionable -too; thou tnouldelt there- fore honour Gad the Father of Chrift, as a wonderful Savi- our: -- Labour therefore firft to fearch into this deep my- fiery of the Gofpel ; i . Oh what a shame is it that thofe that do práfefs them- felves Chrifiians, ; fhould underftand fo little of jefus Chrift ! this is that that God expe6}s : -I fay', -that wee fhould fiudy the Gofpel, fearch into the Gofpel', that wee may fee more of Chrift; the more wee fee, the more- wee (hall wonder, for Chrift is an infinite depth; and the more wee fearch into him, the more wee (hail fee caufe to wonder : In the firti of the Ephefians, mark what a pray- er Paul makes for the Ephefians in the r 7, and i 8. verfes, hee told them before, that hee did not ceafe to give thanks for them, making mention of them in his prayers: to what end? That the God of our Lord jefus Chrift the Father of Glory, may give unto you the Spirit of wifdome and Revelation in the knowledge of hiro. Hee Both not onety pray , that they might have fome knowledge of him, but that they might have a Spirit of Wifdome and Revelation in the knowledge of Chrift; and this from the God of our Lord Jefus Chrift, and from the Father of Glory.. Mark what titles hee gives to God when hee prayer for them, that they mrghthave the knowledge of Jefus Chrift; is mutt be the'sGod of our Lord Jefus Chrift that muft do it, and the Father of Glory', God doth never (hew himfe-!f to bee the Father of Glory