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On the Excellency of Chri f$. 161 fo much, as when hee gives the knowledge of Jefus Chrifi to'a foul,' then God doth make himfelf to appear indeed to bee the Father of Glory. And further, The eyes of your underflanding being en- lightened that yee may Know what is the hope of his ,cal- ling and what the riches of the glory of his Inheritance in the. Saints, and what is the exceeding greatnefs of his power to ue -wárd who beleeve. Andin the third of the Ephefians, from the 14 verfe to the 20. For this carafe I bow my knees unto the Father of our Lord Jefus ChriIt, of whom the whole Family, of Heaven and Earth is named , that hee would grant you according to the riches of his Glory, to beejlrengthened with might by his Spirit in the Inner- man , that Chrifl may dwell to your hearts by Faith , that yee being rooted and grounded on love, ( All this now is but a preparation to what hee would delire further , and that is this ) That fo you may bee able to compre- head with all Saints , what ss the breadth , and length , And depth, and height and to know the love of Chrifi, which paffeth knowledge , that yee might bee filled with all the fulnefJe of God : This is a moll admirable Scrip- ture, furely the Spirit of Chrifi filled the heart of Saint Paul ; and fuch kind of Scriptures as there , are migh- ty ftrong Argumenms to evince the Scripture to bee the Word of God : when wee read fuch paffages as there, that have a fpirit in them , beyond the fpirit of any man ; certainly it was beyond the fpirit of any man to exprefle himfelf in fuch a manner, That hee bowed his knees unto the Father of our Lord Jefus Chrifi , that they might comprehend with all Saints what is the breadth , length, depth and height , and to know the love of Chrift which paffeth knowledge , that they might bee filled with alt the fulneffe of God ; and that is that Which I would efpecially obferve , that Chriflians fhould not-co.itent themfelves with a little knowledge of Chrift, but they fhould labour to 'comprehend what is t length, breadth , depth, and height, they fhould la- A a boar