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16z on the Excellency of Cbri fé. bout to dive in :o the Myfteries of the Gofpel , as it is Paid of Mofes , when hee saw that wonderful work in the wildern%, faith hee, I will now turn af<.de and fee this great fight ; you have it recorded in the feventh of the AEIs, and 31.. verf. There appeared to him in the wilderneffe Mount Sina , an Angel of the Lord in a- flame of fire in a bush : When Mofes saw it , hee wondred at the fight , and as hee drew near to behold it &c. Hee had a fight of it at a diftance, and yet fo much, as hee won - dred at it, and, then hee drew near, and the Lord fpake to him: So it should bee with us', wee have fome fight of Chrift , but is it not at a diftance? wee hear a Minister fpeaking of Chrifi to us (the great wonder of the world) and it may bee at the hearing wee are Tea - dy to think , there is fomewhat in Chrifi beyond what wee have apprehended heretofore; I but I befeech you Brethren, let it not pane away fo ; thofe, things that have been fpoken concerning Chrifi , God will require an account of; and know , it is a dangerous thing to have the glory of Jefus Chrift to pafs by any foul , and to do it no good : If wee had been preaching to you of Moral Vtir- tues, orr any deep difcourfe about any point, fave a- bout Jefus Chrifl , , there had not been fo much danger of letting it paffe without profit ; but when God fees before you the glory of his,Son, know, there is a great deal of danger upon the hearing of fuch things without profit; therefore you had need fay upon the hearing of fuch things, as . Mofes faid, That you will draw near,. you will -go and pray over these _again , and befeech the Lord that hee would reveal these things unto you Pray with David , O Lord, open mine eyes, that I may fee the wonderful things of thy Law : By Law there is meant thofe . things that were revealed' in the Word of God; and . furely upon our hearing what God bath revealed in his Word , wee have caufe to pray with more earnefineífe, Lord open our eyes that wee may fee the wonderful things of thy Gofpel ; but mark , U'hen Mofes drew. near,,