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On the Excellency of Christ. 163 near Then God fpake to him , and revealed himfelffur- ther to him : If Mofes had flood wondring at this fight,, and went no further , it may bee bee had not had God revealing himfelf fo clearly to him ; but when bee draws near, then God fpeaks to him : So if your hearts bee taken with what you hear of this wonderful Saviour, and then you draw near , and take pains in your clofets by me- ditation and prayer, to fee what is the meaning of this wonder: Why Lord fhall I hear of fuch things, and not underfland them ? they are things that do nearly con- cern mee , and íhall I not underhand them ? If you la- bour to draw near , God will fpeak and reveal further of his mind to you : But further , of this Text in the Ephefcans , Wee muft labour to comprehend the heights and depths, and to know the love of Chrifi which paffeth know- ledge. You will fay, these are too wonderful things for us to know. Nay , The Apoflle praies that they may know that which pasfeth knowledge : Though the fulneffe of the glo- ry of it paffeth all knowledge , yet Rill there may bee fo much of the knowledge of these things , as may help you to fanaifie Gods Name , and make your hearts fpiritual ; for faith the Text , That yee may know the love of Gad which paffeth knowledge , that yee might 'bee filled with all the fulneffe of God : It is a very orange phrafe ( for the creature to bee filled with Goi) and had wee it not in Scripture , wee fhould not have dared to have ufed fuch an expretlion : But here it is to bee filled with all the fulneffe of God : This phrafe is a great deal higher; but how comes this to paffe ? by compre- hending the height and depth , and length, and breadth ; that is , by underllanding Jefus Chrifl and the Glory of God in him , by this means do:h the foul come to bee filled with all the fulneffe of God. What is the reafon that Chrif }inns are fo empty i.n. A a a their