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164 On the Excellency of Chrifi. their fpirits , in their converfations ? but becaufe they know fo little of the Myftary of the Gofpel: If thou dida but underhand the Mytlery of the, Gofpel but how the Lord makes known himfelf in the face of Je- fus Chrill, this would. fill thy heart with all the ful- nell'e of God ; thofe Chriaians are the Chrif +iatns filled with excellency indeed, that do comprehend the height ,. and depth- , and length , and 'breadth of this wonder- ful work of God in Chria : There is nothing fanai- fies the heart fo much, as the knowledge of Chria in a right way. Seneca hath fuch an exprelion concerning the Hea- vens ; Oh the. Heavens . are a wonderful fpeaacle, and a 'fpeaacle fit for a reafonable creature to bee i nploy- edabout !. Though wee íhould get little benefit by knowing the Motions of the Heavens , the Sun, Moon, and Stars,. yet the beauty and excellency that is there, and the wonderful work of God in the Heavens, it can - not but take a rational creature : Now , if the wonder- ful work of God in the .Heavens bee, fuch, as it mua needs take a rational creature 4 Oh what is the won derful work of God in Jefus Chrifl ! therefore let us make it the. chief of our Rudy to Rudy the Lord Je fus, Luther hath an exprelíion to the fame .purpofe , O faith hee , I vehemently , I. extreamly am difpleafed 'with my felf , and difpleafe my felf, yea ( faith hee ) I hare my felf, becaufe I cannot get that great bene- fit, that great work that there is in mans Redemption, becaufe I cannot get it to bee transfufed into my very bones and marrow ; I would fain get it in there. Saint Paul in Gale t. a 5, a 6. faid, hee was fepar -ted from his Mothers womb , and called by Grace , ar4 had C hrift revealed in him. O bleffed is that foul that the Lord bath feparated' for himfelf, that Jefus Chrift might be revealed in it , that is a bleffed foul : -- You know how