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oa the excellency of Chrift. 16ç how Paul accounted the knowledge of Chrift, The ex- cellent knowledge , the excellencie of knowledge , and accounted all things dung and droffe in companion; and fo David, in Pfal..119. 2y. Mahe, mee to underftand the way of thy Precepts fo (hall I talk, of thy wondrous works : When you come together, you can bee talking of this News , and the other News but were your hearts fil- led with the knowledge of Jefus Chrift, you could not but talk of the wonderful things that God bath done for your fouls in Jefus Chrift. And as wee are to labour to fearch that wee may know more , fo to give God the praife of this his won- der that hee bath done; In Pfd. 507. 8. Oh that meo would praife the Lord for the wonderful things that hee bath done for the children of men : It is meant there I confeffe of the wonderful works of Gods providence ; but Purely if God bee to bee praifed and magnified for his wonderful works of providence , much more for the wonderful works that bee hath done for the foul in Je-. lus Chrift. And fo in Pfal. 86. 9, 1 J. You have in ex- pretfion there to the fame purpofe : All Nation; whom 'thou haft made, fhall come and worfhip before thee, o Lo'r'd , and (hall glorifie thy Name , for thou art great, and dolt wondrous things : Oh that this Scripture were fulfilled, that all Nations might come and worship the Lo-d, and glorifie God upon this ground , becaufe God is great , and doth wonderful things ; The wonderful things of God in his woks of Creation and Providence, are nothing fo much regarded of God himfeif, as the wonderful things bee hath done in Chrifl ; and there- fore the Lord expeas that the Saints Ihouid glorifie him more for that, than for any thing elfe : And the truth is , God ree,' ,Is all the glory that hee hath from his crea- tures, except hee bath it, becaufe of the wonders that hee bath done in his Son. And as wee fhould Rudy Chrift, and praife and biefs A 3 God,