Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

x66 On tñeExcellency of Chrif. God, and have our hearts enlarged for Jefus Chritt : So this is the duty of beleevers, to whom God hath reveal- -ed Chrift as wonderful, that in their converfations they fhould hold out the wonderful Glory of Jefus Chrit} ; thou fhouldeft fo walk before men , as to manifell to all the world that thy Saviour is a wonderful Savi- our. And thou fhouldef} manifeft it by thy wonderful change; that fout that hath part in Christ , whole Name is won. derffl , honours Chrift in this, If hee doth manifeft that lince hee came to know Jefus Chrift , there is a wonder- ful change made in him; what a change is there made in this youth, or childe, young-man, or neighbour , or friend ! Not long flue what an ignorant lot was hee') but fine bee went to hear the Word , Oh the under - f Landing in a little time that fuch a one bath got in the Myt}ertes of the Gofpel ! fuch a one was not able tog* into Gods prefence to expreffe himfelf in prayer any o- therwife but upon a book, but now , Oh what a fpirit of prayer hath God given to fuch a poor wretch , that -was fo ignorant the other day ! Now , O how can bee pour out his foul before the Lord ! Such a one that not long fnce was a prophane and lode liver, and fenfual and bate in his life and converfation , now oh how ho- ly , how heavenly, how fpiritual , and would not com- mit the left known fin, if bee ,might gain a thoufand worlds for it ! fuch a one that was falfe in his fervice before,now how truf}y! one may truf} ones life, and all that one bath with him now ; fuch a one that heretofore was a ftvearet , oh how doth bee reverence the Name of God ! fuch a one that was a froward patiïonate fpi- rued man or woman, now how meek and gentle are they ! what a mighty change is there in the fpirir of fuch a fervant, or wife, or husband ,..or neighbour ! And fuch a one that was altogether for himfelf, and proud , and haughty, but now, oh how humble, andfubmtffive ! now