Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

On the. Excellency of Chrifl. now hee can deny himfelf of any thing : As wee read of Chriff that when hee commanded the winds and the waves, the Text faith, all people wondred at him : So when the winds of thy patlion are up , if thou canff but bid them bee Rill , all would wonder at it : Oh how comes there fo great a change ! fuch a one that was im- patient before in any fuffering , now what ever bee fuf- fers , how like a Lamb is hee , and opens not his mouth! Now in the midit of affidions, and pains , and troubles, bee can lye rejoycing and praifing God ; And fuch a one, though hee bath never fuch ffrong temptations to draw him on the other fide ,_. yet now hee can refill the ffrongef temptations ; before, if a companion did but hold up his finger; .hee .. muff go, but now I fay hee can re- fill ffrong temptations , and oh how bee accounts it his glory and happineffe: to fuffer for Jefus Chritl : Now this doth manifea Chri'.l a wonderful Saviour. As it was the fpeech of a Heathen, feeing the .Chriilians fuffer with fo great patience , hee cries out , Of a truth, the God of the Chrifians is a great God , that Both finable them. to d fuch great things : So thou miff fo walk in thy life, that thou. mull manifeff that Jefus Chaff is a wonderful_ Saviour. And bee.afhamed to complain of any difficulty in a- ny duties that thou art fet about ; thou art fer about fuch a duty, and oh thoucomplainefl they are hard, and difficult , and tedious ! Is it for thy Saviour that thou doe(' it ? thou fhouldeff bee willing to go thorow fire and water; and in this one thing the wonderfulnefs of the change of a foul doth appear as much as in any thing, That thofe things that before were accounted burdens, now the foul accounts them as a privitedge , and the joy of its heart ; others cannot do fo : Now the Gof- pel makes fuch a change, and in this change of thy heart . and of thy life, Jefus Chriff is held forth in the world to bee a wonderful Saviou ; but now, if thou cant' do no more . 167