Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

i 6 s On the Excebiency of Chrrft. more than thofe that are llrangers to Jefus Chrill , what honour hath Chrifl in thy life and converfation ? One paf- fage or two more. If Chrill bee a wonderful Saviour , hence then every one that hears of - Chrill, fhould think it to bee a dread- ful thing to miffe of Jefus Chrift : Oh then let all fouls to whom Chrill is made known, make. after him I Oh rhou wretched foul, that hall not yet under-flood the way of God towards .man -kind , now labour to know it ! If the Lord bath wonderful thoughts for the faxing of man- kind , then 'let thy thoughts bee fuch And after all this (hall my foul perish eternally ? thail I bee call away , notwith(landing God hath wrought in fuch a glorious and wonderful way for the falvation of fouls? mull I perish at !aft for all this ? Thy heart fhould make towards God, and bee incouraged in this, becaufe the way of falvati- on is fo wonderful : why, may not thy foul come in like - wife and bee faxed ? there is not the world of you all, but here is help in this wonderfil Saviour to help you , and redeem you ; had you but hearts now to come in and to fall down before the Lord when you get alone in your clofets , and fay , Lord, I have heard that there is a won- derful Saviour come into the world , and hath done wonderfully for the redeeming of man -kind; Oh that hee might bee wonderful in my falvation alto ! that I may bee among the number of thofe that may to all eternity bee admiring at thy glory in Jefus Chritl ; many of you rejoyce in this, that God bath wrought wonderfully to preferve you fome times out of dangers , I but what are all the wonderful works of God towards you , except you have your part in him whole Name is called wonder fu'? And IA of all , Let us long for that time when Jefus Chri(l (hall appear in all his glory ; hee cloth appear now to the fouls of his Saints very wonderful , as hee is let Olt in the Word ; but there is "a time when Chrift (hall come