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Ott the Excelle.cy of Chrift. 169 come and appear in all his glory in another manner than wee are able to fet him out : After the blowing of the fe- youth Trumpet that ou read of in the book of the Revela- tions, then is the Myfiry fins'fhed, and what is the finiïhing of it ? in chap. I T . then is the voice heard, faying The Rev. Ix. ICingdomes of this world are become the Kingdomes of our Lard, and of his Chrifi, . and hee (hall reign for ever and e- ver : Then (hall the Lord Jefus Chrifl come and appear in all his wonderful work! to the children of men, and to bee admired in the Saints; then (hall bee fulfilled the Scrip- ture wee have in John 14. 2Q, 21. Mark what Chrifi pro- mifes there to his Difciples, At that day yee (hall know that I em in my Father, and you in mee, and I in you; hee that loath my commandements, and keepeth them hee it is that loveth mee, and ha that loveth mee, (hall des loved of my Father, and I will love him, and will roanfellmy felf to him. - -- At that day you fhail know it : It feems his Difciples underflood but little of this Myítery before, but faith Chrift, there is a day that you Thai'. know that I am in my Father, and you in mee, and I in you : And bee of good comfort, all beleevers, there is a time coming that you will fee Chrift more wonderful than now you do; you do now fee Chrift to bee wonderful, and your hearts are taken in force meafure, taken off from all the Creatures, to ad- mire at Jefus Chrifl; in All, 3. I I, 12. when the people wondered at the cure that the Apoffíes wrought upon the lame man; mark at the i 2th. nerf, When Peter few it, hee anfwereod unto the people, Tee men of I freel, why marvel lee at this? or why look yee fo earneJìiy on us, as though by our own power or holinefs wee had made this man to walk,? Ike God of Abraham, and -of lfaac, and of Jacob, the God of our Fathers bath glorified his San Term, &c. As if they f 'could fay, Why do you wonder at us ? know, that the God of Abraham, and of Ifaec, and of Jacob, hath glorified his Son Jefus; it is hee that you are to wander at : The Saints have their hearts taken off from Creatures, from men from in- b ftru- rs.