Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

The Contents. 2 yo have all the faculties of the foul to bee filled with wrath. 256 i The infinite power of God put forth in inlarging their natures, that they may bee the more capable of evil. ib. 2 To uphold their natures, that they fink not with thofe dreadful evils, ib. 3 To let out on the foul whatever it can bear to naa{ it miferable. 4 7e kgep all the faculties of the loft foul in its utmoft aElivzty. 2 5 8 3 Its mifery appears in its fuccourlefs and helplefs condition. ib. For z Allthe power of God cannot help it. 3 There can bee no Mediator between God and the log foul. ib. Several Aggravations whereby the mifery of a foul that is loft doth appear. ads, z If the foul be loft, then the body is,and will be loftalfo, ib. 3ecaufe z The body all the time a man doth live, is the only or moll immediate in/lrument the foul hath to work, and to fin by. 2 59 Becaufe the foul that is lo,s`t pall bee united to the body, the very extremity of the foul mull needs bring mzfery on the body alfo, ib. 2 When the foul comes Into this condition, it comes into the moil dreadfulleft condition that any creature is in. 3 It will then have none to piety it. Jefas Chrift will not pitty it. The Angels will not pitty it. The Saints will not pitty It. Their kindred will not pitty it. 4 It will prove to moft that are lofs. bb ib. ib, lof an unexpel-fed 260 5 it