Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

>i! The Contents. 5 It wily! prove to bee a dreadful lof s, becaufe is will prove . to bee a wilful lots. 26t 6 It will bee a great lofs for a little matter. 262 7 Mau y will lofe their fouls that were very nigh the Paving of their fouls. ib. s when they f hall confider they have loft their fouls, and have nothing rn lieu thereof. 263 9 7 he flsame that (hall bee put upon fuck loft fouls as .hall perifh eternally. ib. jo when they (hall fee others taken up to Heaven, that were as unlikely to bee Paved as them(elves. . 264 ufe t If the fouls lofs bee fo dreadful, biefs God that your fouls are not thus loft. ib.. 2 Let us biefs God then for efns Chrifl. 2.67 ; It mull needs then bee a dreadful evil for any to have a hand in this loft-. 169 4 It rebukes the folly and madnefs of mo fl people that have no care of their fouls. 272 Several waits by which men come to lofe their foals As Some lofe their fouls by wandring op and down ìn dark nefs all the elates of thew lives. ib. 2' Others by pawning them away. 273 The pawning of the foul is moll dangerosas of all o her, 274 For Thee is no faith pawn as pofhly .eau hoe laid as this ib. 2 In laying of pawns there is a time prefixed for the re- demption. ib. 3 You bargain the bringing of fomewhat that you have in your awn power to redeem tr.- ib. 3 Men lofe their fouls, by wounding of them. ib. Quefi. Wound ng them, how you wilL fay? By that I mean the - commuons of fins again, fl confeience. X7.5 4 Men lo!e the 'r fouls by being gall'd of them.. By felling of tiuuíi`A away, ib, e