Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

The Contents. Men fell their fouls, z when men feel¿,advantage to then (elves by any unlawful means . 276 2 When men (hall refolutely give up themfelves to all man ner of wickednefs. 6 Men to fe their fouls by poifoniug them. And that Y Either by wicked company, Or, 2 By wick d errors. 7 Others lofe their fouls by venturing them. 279 This a man may do in four cafes. i By rafhnefs. 280 2 By doing things that are doubtful. ib. 3 By venturing upon Gods patience. ib. 4 By venturing upon their own lives. 281 8 Many lofe their fouls by ftarving them. 283 y Some lofe their fouls by furfeatang of them. 285 10 -+end laflly, By forfeiting of them. ib. And that two wales. r By not tendring that homage to God that is due, ib. 2 By breaking Covenant with God. 286 ilfe 5 It concerns us to examine whether our fouls bee not in fuch a condition, that if they fhould depart in, they would bee lo(t, ib. But who are they that are no better qualified? 4nfwer. 287 I That foul that God hath not cenv+inc'd of the dangerous natural condition in which it is. 2 That foulthat bath not made it his g eateft care above all things to fave it felt. 3 That foul to whom the Lord bath not revealed the g lory of the mvieries of the Gofpel. 4 That foul that loath no other righteoufnefs to tender up to God but its own. 289 Q,ueft. What other Righteoufnefs is there ? Anfwer, A fsepernatural Righteoufnefs. 290 5 That foul that God hath not made in force meafure at bbl leuft 277