Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

The Contents. leafl to feel the weight of fin. ib. 6 That foul that wallas after the flefh in a courfe of fin. 29/ 7 That foul that is under the dominion of any one loft. 292 Luefi. What is it for fin to domineer ?. dYnfw. When fin fhall fet up a kinde of Thrones and give Laws as a King. 293 8 That foul that loath" not had fuck a change wrought by the Spirit, as is a New Births or Refurretleon. 294 9 That foul that loath not gone beyond thofe the Scripture brands for Hypocrites. 296 i_teft. How (hall a man know hee is gone further than thefe ? Anfwer. 298 They could not fay, because the word is pure, therefore they delighted in it. 2 That they prized Jefaes Chrift as a fanEtifier. 3 That they aft up God as the highefl end. life tali, Minde thatferiow quell ion, What you fhall do to bee faved ? 299 ObjeEEl. But wee mull inquire after all truth. ..anfwer, res, but feafonably, and in its due time. 300, 301 Rules about our inquiring how to be fated. ib. Do it timely. 2 Do it earnefily. 202 3 Do it fi, cerely. 4 Do it confiantly. 203 Reafons why wee fhould thus inquire. ib. Becaufe i By nature wee are in a loft condition,. 2 Salvation is a difficult thing. 3 T here are but few that (hall bee faved. ib. The true °ti eftion of what wee f ould do to bee faved .Anfwered. 3o6 E If you would have yourfouls faved, joyn with God in what hee bath revealed toyou concern; g your own condition. ib. 2 Breakoff the alts of thyfin at leaft,. 308, 309 Wherein is (hewed the reafon of this Rule. 3 Take of f your heart as much as you can from the world. 3 i o 4 .4c-