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The Contents. 4 Acquaint thy Pelf with the myfleries of the Gofpel. ib. ,Qteefl What is, there in the Gofpel and Covenant of Grace wee rnuft inform our felves of. 3 z z "Info. z Informing our felves of the neceffity of fatisfatlion to Divine : at lice. ib. a Of a nece ffity of peifefi Rizhteoufnefs. 3 Of an abfolute neceffuy of the application of Chri!is Righteou fnef s. 3 z 3 4 Of the neceffity of Regeneration. ib. 5 The fear of God muff bee mighty and flrong upon your Brits. 3 7.4 6 eílttend upon thole means that God bath appointed to fave your foals. 317 Q`eft. Can wee do any thing towards the working our own falvation ? .elnfwered. 317, 318, 319 7 Take heed of refling upon falfe hopes of thy falvation. 3 2 o .Q`eftien, What are thofe hopes ? 4nfwer 321 1 Such hopes as are not Scripture- hopes.' 2 Such as are not wrought by the )pt/it. 323 3. Such as are nos lively hopes. 324 q. Such as are not purging hopes. 325 Next thing is bylaytng the foundation flare of falvation, where that Otae/lion u,anfwered, what it is ? 328 9 Keep thy foul under the authority of the word, 33 2 The authority of confcience. 332 io Take heed of fanning againft the price of thy foul, againfk. the good of the Covenant, and againft mercy. 333, 334, 335- I t Take heed offinning againfl'the Spirit of Grace. 336 12 Account the precioufnefs of the time ofyour lives to con - ft,(l in this, that it is a day of falvation. 3;7 13 And la/lly, Bee fore to go with thofe that go in the fireightefl and in the fafefi way. 337, 338, 339 The loft th:rg treats of the tranfcendency of the Souls lots above the worlds gains. 34o b b 3 Shewetle,