Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

On the Nature of God. ceive a being that bath all thefe together in him, this being is an excellent being indeed ; this would make us to look upon God above the creature when wee look upon every thing that is good in the creature to bee in God himfelf, why then what ever the creature bath to draw the heart, why that the foul faith is in God; and indeed this one con fideration of God , and the prefenting of God to the foul in this manner,is a fpecial work of Gods converting a foul to himfelf ; when I fay, the Lord intends to draw a foul to himfelf, to have the heart that was let our after creature-. comforts now to clofe with himfelf, and choofe himfelf for his portion, the Lord doth fhew this to the foul : Soul what wouldeft thou have, thou wouldef} have this comfort, and the other comfort to delight and content thee ; Know there can bee nothing in any creature that thou feefl , but thou mayefl have it in mee. Now this indeed wee cannot by fenfe fee, the comforts of the creature are fenfibly before us, and wee fee them by our fenfes; but now God is above our fente , God bee is above our reafon , and there muí+ bee faith to clofe with him; but now when God would convert a foul to himfelf , hee doth thew himfelf in fuch a way to the foul, as the foul doth fee that there is all good in him that there is in the creature , and-that it is in God in a more fatisfying and eminent manner. Certainly, whatfoever there is in the effeE} it mull needs be in the caufes; now as all effeSts are to be refolved into the caufes fo all caufes are to bee refolved into this excellent being that is the firft caufe of all things ; for thefe creaures that are effedts , ehey have other caufes of them , yet thofe caufes are effed}s of force higher caufes, at length wee muff come to the firfl caufe , and all mull bee refolved into that ; nay all excellencies in the creature are more in God , than the excellency of the effeL t is in its caufes; for the caufes when an effect} is refolved into them, the caufes if they bee not united to produce fuch an effet, they cannot do immediately that thing that the effeft could do ; but now all excellency is fo in God , as look C a, what