Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

z On the Nature of God. what power any creature hath , or what thing it can do by any excellency it bath, that God can do ; look what com- fort it can bring by any good it hath in it , the fame com- fort God can bring ; fo that all is to bee refolved into God; not that God bath all formally in him, as fire , air , meat, and drink , but what good there is here , what excellency there is here , it is eminently in God, that is, God is able to do of himfelf by his own being , whatfoever any crea- ture is able to do, though all the creatures in the world lhould bee annihilated (taken away) and thou onely let live, God by his immediate- power is able to let out to thee all thofe variety of comforts that all the creatures the world had before could do : Now when wee can finde all made up in God (as we fay fometimes,that in fome one good difh, there is all di-Ihes made up ( that is but a funi- litude) but here -it is really that whatfoever any childe of God lofes in the creature , fuch a one can finde it to bee made up in God) Indeed this is the art and skill of Re- ligion : Godlinefs doth teach this art and skill, to make up whatfoever is wanting in a creature, in God himfelf , and that is the chief ground of the fatisfaaion and content- ment of a gracious heart in the want of creature- comforts; and becaufe the men of the world have no skill in this myftery , they think it a meer notion , a conceit of men , they are not able to apprehend any reallity in k, therefore it, is that they vex and fret fo much when they want creature - comforts , for they know not whither ro go to make them up in any other being : But the Saints know that all is in God -, all excellency- in all creatures is in God,, therefore when you look thus upon God, as having all good that all creatures have , and that in himfelf ; and when you comeetbus to God as fuch a being fo much above all creatures , then you have in fome meafure a right ap- pxehenfion of God : And that is the- fifth thing. 6 But fixthly, 'The Name of God is excellent ;above all: For not onely all excellencies in the Creature are in' him; btie all thole varieties of excellencies that are ¡camera up -and down