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On the Nature of Gad. 13 down feverally in Creatures, are united into one excellen- cy in him; for a water may have the quinteffence of many herbs in it ; there are many things in the water at that time; though but one drop of water, yet there are many things in it: So there is fuch an union of all excellencies in God, that I fay it is but one in God; there is an indivifible . union of all variety : Things that arevarious in the Crea- ture, they are all united in one in God, that muff needs be a glorious excellency indeed. If one man had all the beau- ty and flrength, and all the wifdome that all the men in the world ever had, or have, and united into one , what >.. beauty, what farength, what wifdome would that one man have ! now it is fo in God that all beauty, and wifdome, and flrength, are united into one excellency, fo that God he is one otherwife than any other Creature can be-one; o- ther Creatures may bee made one by compofition, but now God hee is not one by the union of many things together ; for there is but one thing in God, God is but one, there is a variety, as wee conceive, as the Sun when it fhines upon different g!alíes, red, or blew, or yellow, it bath a variety, I but all this is but orle Sun,fo all the-attributes of God that we fpeak divers turns of, thefe are the feveral manifeflati- ons of that one excellency that there is in God, all united into one; therefore -by this the Saints cometo be-the more happy, for they may not onely enjoy alt'the good that there is in the Creature, but injoy it all in one, and wee fay, the ilronger is a thing, the more it is united ; now in God all good whatfoever is united in one, all good in the-Creature,. yea and all good in himfelf, that is, all his attributes ; fa you mull conceive of God; onely the manifeflation is di- vers; and therefore you mull not conceive that there is any one thing in him more than another; yeti may not conceive of God, as if there were more mercy than juflice, or more juflice than mercy, or more of either of thefe; than there . is of truth, wifdome, and holinefs :Indeed' God may mani- felhhimfeif unto -the Creature, more-in one, than in rheo' tilt; bitt as they are in his own beeing-ti ey are not, onely C . 3. awe