Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

30 on the Nature of God. cellency in him,and there is n darknefs at all in him; there is darknefs in every creature, but the Lord is light , and in him there is no darknefs ; that that is faid concerning light he-e , may bee faid concerning any thing elfe , the Lord bath fuch and fuch Excellencies, and in him there is no de- £ea, all is in him purely. 12 Nest , All is in God orginaly,; that is , all is from hirsfelf : Now there is no excellency in God that is by participation ; - Hee bath it from himfelf , and in himfelf. Whatfoever the creature bath, it hath it derivatively, not originally, it receives it from another : but all that is in God it is originally , it is in himfelf , and by himfelf , and from himfelf, all is in him as the fpring of all kinde of ex- cellency. , 13 But in the next place , As all is in him originally, that is, hee bath all from himfelf, So God is the fountain of all excellencie to all creatures whatfoever ; if there bee any good in any creature, it is but a beam from this Sun, and a drop from this infinite Ocean,it all flows from that infinite Sea of all good,which lets out it felf to this creature,or the other creature, in this or the other manner : So God is the fountain òf all good to all creatures whatfoever,they are to look upon him as having all coming from him. And there - fo e bee alone is excellent, and hit glory is above the Heavens and'Earth. i 4 Further , M all things are from him, fe they depend upon hint all excellencies that are in the creature, as they come from God , fo they have their abfolute dependency upon God , fo as God need do nothing to deflroy a crea- ture; if hee doth but withdraw himfelf from it , it falls to nothing prefently ; take the moll glorious Angels, and the highel} Heavens, Sun, Moon,Stars, Sea, and Earth, if God' fhould but withdraw his hand from thefe creatures, they would prefently fall down to nothing,; they do depend up- on God, as the light upon the Sun , there is no more light if the beams of the Sun bee withdrawn ; fo if God with- draw his influence from the creature , it can do nothing,' and-