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o, the Nature of God. and its nothing prefently; fo that the influence that there is frommGod to the creature , it is to maintain the creature in his being ; every moment the Lord mull put forth as in- finite a power to maintain thee and 'nee , and every crea- ture) as hee did at the firft for the making of the world. gav, i.3 And this is Gods excellency to uphold all things they do fo depend upon him. If á work -roan make a houfe, hee goes away, the houfe can !land without him ; but when God built the world , the world could not Rand one moment without him. And not onely God muff have an influence into the creature to.preferve the being, but likewife to fin- able the creature to aa the creature cannot a ì one mo- ment without God, no creature can lair in the leafl degree, except the Lord concur with it ; therefore the Name of God Att.i7.2.L,. alone as excellent ; By hint, faith the Scripture, wee live, wee move, wee have our being.; not onely wee are upheld in our being and lives, but wee move , wee cannot fir one mo- ment , but God muff concur with his creature for the mo- tion and anion of it. i 5 Further , God alone is excellent in his operation, in hit power , in the manner of his working ; though God give a power to other creatures to work , yet God works in a different way from all other creatures. Firfl, God hee doth whatfoever hee 'deafer either in heaven or earth. The will of God ; as I (hewed you before , it cannot bee beyond Gods power God cannot will to do more than bee hath power to do Therefore the Lord hee Pfal, s i f;3, doth whatfoever bee pleafes in heaven and earth. The power Pfal, i 3 f. 6., of every creature can but work within the fphere , fo far as 14'1cí,8.3.,_ the caufes give a vertue and efficacy fo far it is able to work, and n- o further.' Secondly, The power of Coo da pearl is,thit,that the La;-4 doth the greateff, and the moß difficult- things, as earn of hee doth the leaf? and the ealiet; as thus, God makes the whole world as eafily as hee can make a crum of dirt ; God can make the Heavens, Sun, Moon and Stars, and all the Seas and Earth, with as much cafe as hee can make a {lye. God D 3 can 2