Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

3% On the Nature of God. can make ten thoufand Angels , as foon as hee can make one worm. And therefore God, bee can as foon (peak the joh.5.15, word to the foul of a man that is dead, to live , hee can as foon raife ad the dead out of their graves, as hee can give them a peece of bread to eat while they are alive, luch is the inn nitenefs of Cods operation. 3 Further, God is excellent in all that hee Both. There is nothing that Ged doth in any tísne , but was decreed to bee done from eternity ; that is, the excellency of Gods work - ing; the creature works fomething, but perhaps a man did not think of what hee doth, a few dayes ago, but God doth nothing , nor never will do any thing , but it is that that was decreed from all eternity that hee would do, and God will never do any thing to all eternity , but what bee had decreed from all eternity before ; yet it is for us creatures to obferve according to his revealed will ; but this is the excellency of God above all creatures what - ever. 4 And then there is a further thing that is as confider- able as any of the other,God is fo far from needing any matter to raork upon,crinflruwent to wark.by,when he doth do anything, as there is no more required for ai v creature to bee , or work at any time when God world have it , but the alone aft of Gods will that was from eternity. As now the world it was not made fix thoufand years ago ; Now God willed from all eternity that there fhould bee a world in time , and there was nothing required to make this world bur that a& of Gods will that was from all eternity, that it fhoi ld bee at that time. Man, hee Both will and decree to do filch a thing ; now when the time comes, then bee beftirs himfelf, and takes this tool or inftru.ment , and puts forth a power that bee did net put forth before : But the acI of Gods will from all eternity was fufficient to make all creatures that ever fince have been made , and to provide for all creatures that ever fine have been provided for , one act of Gods will bath done all this ; and that alit of the will of God that bath been from all eternity bath done ere; th