Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

On the Nature of God. there are not fcveral aels of Gods will , but Gads aft is himfelf. Divers other things might bee Chewed, as this,- g where Good hith time asy work, all his marks thing to him. The creature hath fornewhat added to him by his works ; as thus, A man that is a work -man beecan awake a houfe, and fa bee hath the benefit of it to. dwell in, to keep off the weather , and fo ire mahesclaath, and hath the benefit of it : But all the works: of God adde no- thing to him. A man can do foi ething by the work that hee bath made that bee could not do, without his work : but God can do nothing by any work that hee bath. made, bat bee can do the fame without that work ; when bee hath made all his works, they are not helpful to. bun. (but this was a branch of the All- futcieney of God.) r 6. In the next place, God a me is exeeiet in the minner of his communicateou of himmfilf Gad cloth fa communicate himfelf to his creatures, aa one creature, cannot to ano- ther. Firft, God can let out as much of hinafelf as bee will to any creature ; now one creature cant, let out as much . as bee pleafes to another ;. for infiance , A mart that hash learning, hee cannot make another as learned as; het will; a man that bath holineC$. and gpod -nefs , caunoet saki anon Cher as holy, and as good as hee will but God can:, this- is Gods propriety , bee can let out of himfelf as much; as bee pleafes, as much holinefs, as notch, goodnefs,, as much power as hee pleafes hee is able tolet our. Secondly, the. creature , when.rt Both common sme any exeeldency,the mare it lea am, the lets iq hath;butGod,hath-m-- ver a whit lefs by that that hee doh let out :whit coleatwrer ; as thus , the Sea is full of water , yet if you take out but a little water, the Sea hash fo t tucit.the lefs therefore fame_ of the Fathers would fet out 1 tetni:ty by this,,, that if a Sparrow ihottd but once in a tioufand years; fetch one drop of water fto the Sea, iva the bat of it, yeti the Spar- row w t14,foQner empty all the Sea, than the, torments of =3