Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

Ort the.Nature of .God of the damned fhould bee at an end fo that if a drop bee taken out of the Sea it is the leis : but God is inch an in- finite ocean of beeing, of excellencies, of happiness, that let him let out , and communiLate never to much of him - felf , yet bee bath as much (fill as ever bee had : God bath let out excellency , and good to all his creatures ever fince the world began, all the good, the comfort, the happinefs, the fweetneis, the beauty and excellency of all creatures have been from God that infinite fountain, but now this fountain is as full as ever it. was , and will bee as full to all eternity as ever it was : And here lyes the excellency of God beyond all creatures whatfo- ever. a?- In the next place, God done is excellent , there is no somparifon to bee made between hint , and any thing elfe ; as thus, Take the creature in what wee think it comes nearefl to God, and the truth is to fpeak properly , it comes no nearer to God than chafe things that wee think come tels; as when wee fay that God is a great God and fills all pla- ces if you fhould fuppofe a body that fhould fill ail this world, it is no nearer to Gods immeníty,than a moat that oyes in the Sun : or thus , Take never fo many thoufand years, as wee fpoke the laft day , if an Accountant that fhould write down figures alt his life time , they. would come wee think, to an infinite fumme; yet all thofe infinite millions of years come no nearer to Gods eternity, than one minute doch , and the reafon that I give is unanfwer- able, becaufe that there mull needs bee alwayes an infi- nite diflance between what is finite, and what is infinite, and greater than an infinite diflance there cannot bee; now take fuch a body as fhould fill the fpace between heaven and earth , there remains Rill an infinite diflance between the Immenfity of God, and this body, and take Co many numbers of years as poffibly can be imagined by Men or Angels,yet there will remain an infinite dif}ance between Gods eternity , and thofe numbers of years ; now greater than an infinite diflance there cannot bee; therefore all thofe