Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

On the Nature of god, 25 thole years do not come nearer to - eternity than a minute, and all the greatnefs doth not come nearer to Immenfity than a moat in the Sun ; God is beyond all comparifon whatfoever, and the nnderaanding that God is an infinite beeing, will help us to underftand all the reti that I have named. 18 Ard there is one mere, and that is this, Hee is the La end of all things ; Hee is the highe(+ end, for which all Creatures had their beeing, and the more any Creature is fubfervient unto God, the more excellency a Creature bath, For of him, and thrroaigh him, and to him are all things, Rum I t. fit. to whom be glory for ever. All things muff tend to God as the higheft end; curled bee that Creature that fl all chal- lenge to bee the highet+end of any good thing whatfoever; this makes it to bee a curled thing for any man to make himfelf to bee his Lit+ end, to make his name, honour or credit to bee the end that hee aims at ; and indeed, this is the very thing that makes pride to bee fo great a fin ; the Scripture never fpeaks fo of other things, as it doth cf pride; it is laid of other fins,that God hates the workers of iniquity, but it is laid of no fin, that God doth refit it, one - ly the fin of pride.; why ? becaufe a proud man doth crois James 4.6. God in that which is indeed his excellency, and that is I Pet. í. ç, this, That God is the higheft end of all things, for whom all things were made, now a proud man croffes God in this, nay faith hee, I will aim at my felf as the higheft end; wee may aim at our own goDd in a fubordinate way, but wee muff bee lure to lift up God as the highet+ end of all, becaufe bee is excellent above all; now put all thefe to- gether.. Firft, That God hee is, and there is none elfe; Hee is fuch- a .beeing, as in comparifon of him nothing elfe hath a beeing; Hee is that beeing that hath no fuccetlion, that is alwaies the fame; Hee is an excellency in all places, that fills all places without any local motion at. all; Hee is a beeing that hath all fuflîciency in himfelf,,hee hath all ex- cellencies, m him is an univerfality of all excellencies,hee E bath