Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

on the Nature of God. bath all excellencies united in one that are fcattered up and down in Creatures; yea, all the attributes of God are in him but one, hee bath in him all poffible good whatfo- ever; all things that arein God, are equally iri'him, they are all infinitely in him, they are eternally, immutably , effentially, purely, without mixture, originally, bee is the - fountain of all good to the Creature; all excellencie in the Creature doth abfolutely depend upon him ; hee is excellent in his operation, hee can do whatfoever hee will, bee can do the greateft thing as eafily as the leafl, and one azI from eternity, is enough to do all that ever hee bath done ; Hee can communicate as much of himfelf as hee will to his Creature, and bee hath never a whit the lefs in himfelf; there can bee no comparifon between him and the Creature, the highef Creature comes not nearer him than the leaf+, and hee is the highefl end of all things whatfoever; and this Lod is our God; this is the God that wee profefs to ferve, that wee profefs to worthip, and thefe are to bee the thoughts that wee are to have of God when we come before him ; Now you cannot but imagine that there muff needs bee abundance of dreams of life and Application that muff follow from the-fe things; all that I have done, it is but to prefent what God is. NOW meethinks I hear many that give their minds to underhand what God is , even faying within therrifelves, Oh that wee did but acknowledge God to bee thus, furely there is a farther excellency in God than wee have imagin- ed, and might wee have but further fight intothere things that have been thus briefly prefented toes, Oh of %ghat excellent ufe might all chefe. be ! I (hall endeavour there- fore to prefent but to you, and even as briefly as I have done-the other, the fever al tires that may flow from all thefe things, I will onely give you a hint of one or two now. Oh what infinite catife have wee all to Lee afhamed of thafe 1lfe; lozr thoughts wre have had óf Gast l If Got bee thus as hee- hath heat (but a Bile) .prefekted to us nor, and by what wee