Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

on the Nature of God. 33 fee God in his glory , and to hear the Lord (peak thus to him, that God in whole hand is the breath of thy noi}rils, and all thy wayes , that is the God that thou haft not glo- rified, thou doer not think with whom it is that thou haft to deal; but that is the God that you have heard preached of thus whofe Name alone is excellent, fuch an infinite and glorious Deity is that Deity that thou haft negle6ted and defpifed, and preferred thy lulls before : Oh if God would but give commiílion unto your confciences to fpeak this with power to you, that God that is thus glorious and excellent you have finned againft, oh it would bee of won- derful force to break the hardeft heart of men. And in Pfal.io4.i,2. Do but fee there how David had his heart Pfal.a14.10. riling againft fin and (inners upon the confideration of the excellency of God, there hee fpeaks of the fame argument that wee have here in the Text , Blefs the Lord , Ch my foul : my God,thou art every great , thou art cloathedwith ho- hour and majefty (and fo hee goes on) who coverefl thy Pelf with light as with agarment. Hee proceeds in the Pfalm defcribing the greatnefs and excellency of God : But then when hee had done defcribing Gods excellency, and found his heart warmed and inlarged , and railed with the medi- tation of the excellency of God Mark how bee breaks forth in the tall words of the Pfalm, Let the limier; bee con- fumed out of the earth , and let the wicked bee no more; biefs Verf.3 s. thou the Lord, Oh my foul : As if holy David fhould have faid thus, Oh Lord, I fee thee to bee very great, and thou art cloathed with honour and Majefty , and thy Name is excellent above all things : What ? And are there any wretched creatures rhat will dare to prefume to rebel a- gainft thee who art fo great , that will dare yet to let their will againft thy will, and to prefer their lulls before thee ? Oh curfed bee thole fanners , Let the Jnners be confumed from the earth, and let the wicked bee no more. There is in- finite reafon that wicked wretched creatures íhould bee for ever confumed, that fin again(} fuch a God as thou art, who art fo great as thou art. My brethren, it is no marvel l though