Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

34 On the Nature of God. Ufe 3. VesE.6. though the people of God are fo afraid of fin ; many of you wonder at the nicenefs of the confciences of many people,that they dare not commit any known fin for a world ; you wonder at them why they should bee fo nice, von think it is foolifnnefs Would you know the reafon? It is this, God hath fhewed unto their confciences a fight of himfelf, they have had a fight of the glory of the Maiefly of the great God , 1Yhofe Name alone is excellent, and it is that that makes them afraid of fin for ever , and makes them 1 ook upon fin as the greatefl evil , and even tremble at the le aft temptation unto any fin wharfoever. And that is the fecond Ufe , Great is the evil of fin, if committed againíl fuch a God. Thirdly, Hence then if God bee thus excellent above all, from the meditation of the Excellency of God and his slory, wee fee caufe to bee vile in our own eyes the higher wee fee God to bee , the lower wee fhould bee in our own eyes, there is nothing will take down the fpirit of a man more than God : I dare fay of every proud heart in the word, fuch a one knows not God , never had a fight of the glory of God that hee hath to do withall; the fight of God will wonderfully humble the heart before him , Job 4 .2. 1. is very famous for this, Tob faith, with the hearing of the ear I have heard of thee, but now mine eyes have feen thee (wh :t follows then upon chat)wheref re I abhor my felf,and repent in dell and a(hes: Job that was a holy man,yet flee confeffes that hee had but even heard of God, hee never had fuch a fight of God as God gave him at this time, and upon the fight that hee had of God , though heewere a hoi', and a gracious man, and could fraud in-his uprighrnefs, yet faith bree, Mine eyes have fern thee, and there fore I abhor my Pelf, and repent in duff andafes. Oh that God would give fuch ar. fight of himfelf to all your fouls to thole proud, flour, and rebelliòus (inners that have gone on in wayes of re- bellion againfl him. You have heard of God by the hearint of the ear, but have your eyes ever feen him ? If God would , but give you a fight of what I have briefly token to you; you