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On the Nature of God. 35 you would certainly fall down before him, and abhor your felves in dull and aches : So the Prophet lfaiah, though a godly man, yet in Ifa.6. bee heard the Chernbins and Se- rsphi vs pra'i ng of God, and crying, Holy, Holy, Holy is the ifa. ó. Lard'of Heap's ; And there was a vifion of God upon his Throne to the Prophet , what follows? faith the Prophet, Woe unto mee , for 1 am undone ! Why ? For 1 am a man of polluted lips, and I dwell among a people that are cf unclean lips; Woe unto mee, for I am undone, for I have fees the King, the Lord of .Hoafls! I fee the Lord upon his Throne , and I behold the bleffed Angels how they admire at his glory,Oh woe to mee, I am undone. If fo holy a man (hall thus cry out upon the fight of God, and fay, Woe to mee, 1 am undone becaufe 1 am a man of polluted lips ! Oh what mayeft thou do then , that art a man of polluted lips, and pollu- ted heart, and polluted life? Oh how are thy lips polluted! The Prophet Ijacah, hee was no (wearer , neither was hee one that would talk filthy unclean talk but yet hee com- plains hee was a man of polluted lips , and cryes, Woe to mee , I am undone becaufe I have Peen the Lord : Oh how would thy heart then bee humbled ?What caufe at leapt is there that thy heart fhould bee humbled that art fo pol- luted as thou art ? the fight of God fhould mightily humble us before God, Pfal.8.the beginning, Oh Lord our Lord , how excellent u thy Name in all the earth ? faith the Prophet David, and fo hee goes on to Phew the excellency of God ; then hee cryes out in verle 4. What is man that thou art mindful of him, and the fen of man that thou vif:teff him ? Lord thou that art fo excellent in thy feif above all things , it is a wonder that thou fhouldeft vouchfafe fo much as to look upon man. It may bee thou lookeft high, becaufe thou art a little above thy brethren, but if thou had+ a fight of God thou wouldeff wonder that this God fhould look to thee, Pfal. i i 3. 6. there you have fuch air exprefïion, That God dotb baai:ble him feif to behold the things that are done to heaven : Why what an expreflion is here of Gods excellency ? God is fo excellent that lee cloth F 2 humble