Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

36 life 4. on the Nature of God. humble himfelf to behold the things that are done in heaven: now if hee bee fo excellent as to humble himfelf to the beholding of the things in heaven,then how doth God humble himfelf to behold things done in earth, to behold Inch wretched vilde creatures as thou art ? Oh bee vile in thine own eyes upon the fight of the great God , and by thefe three Ufes you may have three Notes whether ever God hath made known himfelf to you, or no. Fira , Are you ashamed and confounded in your thoughts for thole low poor thoughts you have had of God ? Secondly , Hath the fight of God caufed you to fee the dreadfulnefs of the evill that there is in fin ? Thirdly, Hath the fight of God made you to bee vile in your own eyes ? That is a good evidence that you have had fome fight of God indeed. In the fourth place , If God bee thus excellent , and his glory fo great above the earth and heavens ; Bence wee may learn to know the vanity of the creature. Set but God now, and the creature together, nay, all the creatures in the world together , Oh how is the vanity of all creature - comforts in the world made known to us. There are ma- ny wages to convince us that there is a vanity in all things in the world , by the frength of reafon wee may bee con- vinced, and by expofence : A.man fómetimes that bath an- eflate, God doth but touch his :body , and layes him upon . his licit,-bed; fich a man faith, Oh what a poor thing is it-- to injoy all the world ? had I all' the world at my com. mand, I could have no comfort in it, and therefore what a- vanity is there in the creature : And another perhaps by- arguments and reafons ;. wi:l: tell you that every thing is vain , and there is no contentment, nor continuance in any thing in the world When wee fee men that are rich and great dye, and carry nothing with them, wee are rea- dy to .fay -, Oh how vain the world is t thefe are fore rnean$ to ca ife us tofee the vanity of thecreature : But what axe_all, thefe to the fight of God The bight of rh;, glory