Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

On the Nature of God. 37 glory of God, it is infinitely morepowerful todifcover the vanity of all things in the world to us:That man or woman; that hath had once a real fight of this'God in his infinite excellency, wil not much regardwhat becomes of him con- cerning outward things in. this world.Hee that fees God to be great, willfee allother things to- bee fmall. And indeed wee never fee God to-bee truly excellent, except wee fee him alone to bee excellent. Thou thinkefa thou knowefl Come- what of God , I but Rill the excellency of the creature is glorious in thy eyes : Certainly thou doll nor know God aright : If thou knowell God aright in his exce. lency, thou knoweft him Alone to bee excellent , and therefore if thou knewefl no other excellency but God, all other things would bee but vanity in thine eyes. In 2 Cor.3.to. faith the Apoftie there concerning the glory of the Law, com- pared with the glory of the Gofpel, That that which was made gloriom, now had no glory by reafon of a- greater glory that is come : So I may fay in this cafe, the things of the world that were glorious in thtne eyes before, yet now they are not glorious, but all, darkned,becaufe there is a greater glory that now comes and fhines in upon thee.If a man had lived in a dark Dungeon under the ground all the dayes of his life, and never had the glimpfe of any light what- foever, never fince hee was born, if on a fudden a candle fhould bee brought to him;hee would admire at that glory but now if this man fhould afterwards bee brought into the world , and fee the glory of the Sun, the glory of the candle would bee nothing to him : So the men of the . world, becaufethey live as it were in darknefs , they have fóme comforts in the creature, and they think themto bee. glorious, for they know no better : Bút that foul'that hath had a fight of God, comes to fee that all things in the world are but darknefs to-him.. There is nothing can din ingage the heart of a man from the creature, fo, as a fight of God.. You have a notable Scripture fbrthat , how a fight of God doth'dif ingage the heart of a man from the =acme; in 4,51. 1.3. And hee Paid , Men, Brtchirx; aril