Burroughs - Houston-Packer Collection BX7233.B87 G67 1660

38 On the Nature of God. Fathers, hearken, The God of g! ry appeared unto oar Father Abraham , when hee was in Meíopotamia before hee dwelt in Charran, and faid onto him Get thee out of thy Country, and from thy k,.ndred , and come into the L.azd which I fhall Phew Thee : And fo hee fl,etti s how Á6raham was content to for - fake all his friends and Country; Why? the God of glory appeared to him : it is faid ur on this, when the Holy Gholt would Phew what. it was that brought hbrai2 m our of his Country , that took off his heart from all his friends and Country,to go into a firange Country,faith the Holy Ghor, The God ofglory appeared to our Father Abrahant:Let a mans heart bee never fo much glewed to any contentments that are here in the world , let but the God of glory appear to that man, and all things are vanity, then the heart quickly comes off from any thing. And indeed though there may bee many arguments that may make men and women to deny themfelves very much the ufe of creature- comforts, yet the heart is never throughly taken off till the God of glory appear to the foul. A notable example of felf- denial if that of Mofes, Afofes that might have had all the riches and glory of Egypt, might have been next to the King him- felf, an heir , for fo fome write , that Pharaoh had no fon, and that Pharaohs daughter did adopt Moles to the end that hee might bee an heir to the Crown, and yet Mofes that had all riches , and the treafures of Egypt at com- mand, yet hee forfakes al; but though bee forfook all for a while, yet you will fay, did hee not repent him afterward? No,faith the Text, Heb.i t.zp. By faith bee forfook,Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the King , for bee inlured,as f eetng him that is rnvi fble, that was the thing that did ir, it made Mofes forfake all the riches of Egypt, and indure, to go on, and never repent him for making fuch a choice : What was the great thing that did take Mofes off from the crea- ture ? It was the fight of God, that Gill that was invifib/e : My brethren, the fight of God , it puts a mighty magna- nimity upon a mans heart; there is nothing great to a great fpirit, nor nothing can greaten the fpirit of a man or vvo- Iran,