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bu the .Nature of God. 39. man, for as the fight of the great God no men and wo- men in the world have fuch great fpirits as thofe that have feen the great God t And the oftner any one bath the fight of the great God, I fay , the greater will fuch mens and womens fpirits bee ; they are railed to that height,that ali the world will not fatisfie fuch a foul for the portion of ir. And -this again' in the fourth plate , may bee a Note of Trial , whether ever you have feen God alone to bee ex- cellent ; Hath it taken off your hearts from the creature ? Hath it ingaged your hearts fully to God himfelf, that you cyau fay, 7 here it none in heaven, nor none in earth that I de- Pfal.73 -.z, g, fire in comparsfon of thee. In the fifth p ace, Is God, Name alone excellent ? Oh my ufe s hrethren , jiody to know God then :- Labour to fearch into this Excellency fo far as wee may, and God gives us leave; God hath revealed much of himfelf to us in the Scripture, and in the book cf the creature , and God expees that what is revealed of him in the Scripture, and in-the book of the creature, that the rational creature,,Angels and. Men,. fhould labour and fearch to know : There is nothing fo fweet, fo amiable, fo lovely, fo delightful unto a rational. creature (if it bee purged from the filthinefs and corruption of fin):. as the fight of the infinite firft being of all things : Why here is conctided all excellent fights whatfoever ,; fame men are takei with fucha fight, to behold fair build- ings , and others to 5ehold brave pigìures, one with one thing, and another with another : Oh but the fight of God lath all fights in it that may delight the foul, and give con- tent to the heart of Man or Angel : and therefore labour to know the excellency of G31. You poor creatures that have minded little all this while but meetly to underf'and your Trades , and how you may get a {billing or two to provide for your fami lies Oh but know there r: a higher ob <etì for you to bufte your thoughts and hearts about :: learn to know this God, who alone: is excellent , and bee . riot difcouraged at thofe things that have been fpoken-, . though they are above thy reach at firiV, yet if your hearts last