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44 On the Nature of 'Ga. ate: on his Saints,there is none like to God,and there is;none like to Gods people. And fo in, z Sam.7.22. you have an ex- pre(lion to the fame purpofe , Wherefore thou 4rtgreat, Q Lord God, for there, is none like thee, neithor is there any God kefides thee, according xo all that wee have heard witb our, ears then . in verfe z 3., And what one Nation in the earth is like thy people ? So that wee fee here that according to the rife pf Godsexcellency, fo is the rife of the excellency of his. Saints. In a proportion they rife in their excellency. as God rifes in his:If God be alone .excellent,certainlythey are the excellent people in the world ; And-why? becaufe the excellency of God is manifefted over them to do them good. Here is a note that bath abundance of foul- fatisfying incouragement to all the Saints of God in any of ,their of, fiifted conditions whatfoever; thou haft heard that Gods Name is albne excellent , fo adde this to it for thy com- fort , who art one of Gods,, that God accounts his chief, excellency." in his manifeftation of himfelf in alithe world ; to bee that bee miht let out himfelf for thy good , and do good to thee , and-that I will (hew you by a Scripture or two, in Pfal.68 34. His.Excellency,(faith the text) is over Ifraeí : Oh Lord , there is an excellency in thee, and how 'cloth this work, where Both this excellency of thine appear ?why it. is over I fracl; 7 he Excellency of God it is.over Ifracl ; faith God, I have chofen out my Church, and mine Excellency 1hall bee: over them, andmanifefted towards then for good therefore in,Exe4.i 5.7. there where Mofes is.praifng,God for the great things that bee Both for his people, faith hee, in the Greátnefs of thine Ex- cellency thou h-4 done this thing';. fo that God Both delight to Phew his Excellency, yea to Thew the Gree'tnefs of his Excellency for the good; of his people : Oh . how fhould the.Saints of God make their boaft of their God-, and re- Joyce in-him, and bee incouraged in:God Mane! though thou haft no other portion then God alone , ,thou: haft por- tion enough. In Micah 5. 4. there is an admirable Séripture for the incouragement of the hearts of Ggd,s; people.in God alone'