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Do. Ira.19.10. On the Excellency of C krq. why in times of great affliaion, there were fuch clear Pro. phefies of Jefus Chrift , as here in my Text , For unto us 4 childe is born, unto us a Son is given, and his Name fhall bee called Wonderfol,Counfeller,&c. Now in this latter part of this verfe , wee have Chrifi fet out unto us in five notable and famous Titles of his. His Name is, r, Wonderful; 2. ( °forfeiter, 3. The MIghty 4. TheEverlafiing Father, . 5. The Prince of Peace. 11' intend onelY tofpeakof the fir, frits Nanselhap bee ea!? ed-wonderful , becauCe I would have fome kinde of proportion between what I have prefented to you about God , and what I (hail about :. And as for other things more largely about God or Chrift,, it may bee after- wards, but onely now I {hall defire to prefent Chrifl unto you in this one Title of his, His Namefhall bee called Won- derful. From whence the Point is this, Jefus Chrifl is the great Wonder of the world. That is our point of Doarine, : God himfeif,, above feven hundred years before hee was born , gives him this Name Wonderful ; in the 19. of this Prophecie , verf. zo.. wee read of a Saviour a Great one (faith the Text) furely Jefus Chriffhee is a Saviour, and a Great one,, hee is the Wonder of the world. judg.i 3.1 7,18. The Flory of the Angels appearing, unto Manoah, Manoah would fain know his name And Manoah faid unto the.Angel of the Lord, What is thy Name ? verf.t 8. the Angel of the Lord faid unto h;m, why askeji thou after my name feeing it is fecret ? Now the word that is tranflated in your books Secret, it is a word that fignifies wonderful; And Augin in his Quefti- OM upon this Book of Judges hee is, confident that .this Angel was Jefus ,_ and that his afcending up inthe fa- crifice that Manoah offered, it was to fore-fignifie Jefus Chrifi to bee the oneiy.Sacrificeithatfhould afteucl, up, to