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On the Excellency of Chrifl. S 3 the Father, for a fweet favour in the noarils of the Father; it was JeCusChrifi that did appear here to Manoah., and his Name is Wonderful. Luther bath fuch a fpeech ( I re- member) of Ora , faith bee , the moll famous and won- derful and glorious Miracle of all Miracles is, Jefus Chrifi, hee is the Wonder of the world; God is very wonderful in all his works; in the works of Creation, Pfal,8.1. Oh Lord our Lord , how excellent is thy name ? and in the egad of the Pfalm, Oh Lord, our Lord, h9w excellent is thy Name in all the earth ? yea in that one work of his in making of our bodies, Pfal. 1 39. 14. I amfearfully and wonderfully made. (faith the Pfalmift) God bath made our very bodies fear- fully and-wonderfully , it is a wonderful work of God the framing of our bodies in the womb. It was a means of the converfion of Gallen from Atheifin , hee faw the Anatomy of a mans body, and beholding the wonderful work of a mans body , tt did force him to acknowledge the - God of Nature, that there was a being above. Nature.: Now though`God bee wonderful in all his works yet all his wonderful works-in the Heavens, and in the. Earth, and in the Seats, they muff aFl.fiand by', and give way to this great Wonder ; as the Stars, though they:be.glorious creatures in themfelves yet when-the. Sun arifes; all their light is eclip- fed , you fee nothing of them; fo tkough God hach many wonders in the world, and 'bath done many wonderful works , yet when the Son of Righted fnefs doth arife; when Jefus Chili comes to appear , all the other works of God are darkned wattle glory of this great Wonder ; other things are wonderful unto_us becaufe of our igno- rance, becaufe wee are not able to underhand the reafon of thing things are wonderful to .children, that are little regarded by wife mete, and, iinderflandiñg men; Ignorance _makes men to wonder. at many things that have nothing in them,; but .Chrifi hee .is.a Wonder, fo as God himfelf, the Father accounted him, a wonder ,, God himfelf gives unto Jefus Chrifl ;this Name: li onderfxl; and no marvel, though hee.bee,a, wonderxo the. Angels th4tnfelves in Heaven H 3 Pet.